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KDA-64 - KDA-64 KNX to DALI Gateway

KDA-64 is a gateway to bridge digital DALI lighting systems and KNX installation.



KDA-64 is a gateway to bridge digital DALI lighting systems and KNX installation, which is an intelligent solution for networking and controlling building technology. As a result, room-based lighting control is conveniently incorporated into the higher-level KNX building management systems.

The device transforms switch and dim commands from the connected KNX system into DALI telegrams and status information from the DALI bus into KNX telegrams. KDA-64 is a Category 1 device (in accordance with EN 62386-103). This means the device must only be used in DALI segments with connected ECGs and not with other DALI control devices within the segment (No multi-master function).

Power supply for the up to 64 connected ECGs comes directly from the KDA-64. An additional DALI power supply is not required and not permitted.

The device comes in a 4 units wide DIN Rail casing so it can be directly integrated into the mains distribution box. Connection to the KNX bus is via a bus connector. DALI Bus is connected via screw connectors on the device.

ECGs can be switched, dimmed and set to a defined value in 16 groups per gateway. In addition to group control, KDA-64 offers the possibility to individually control up to 64 ECGs.

Additional information

Weight 0.20 kg

100 ~ 240VAC


DALI Gateway

  • KNX proof gateway
  • Easy configuration & installation
  • Cost effective solution for smart building
  • Connect up to 64 DALI ECGs/Drivers
  • Built-in DALI power supply
  • LCD 2×12 display
  • Lighting control via the button
  • Lighting control via the integrated web server
  • Up to 16 DALI lighting groups setting
  • Up to 16 DALI scenes setting
  • 3 year warranty
  • Office lighting
  • Smart home lighting
  • villas lighting
  • Luxury
  • LED indoor lighting