Stationary Battery Charger

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Our stationary battery charger range is ideal for charging led-acid and Li-ion batteries with wattagesranging from 300W to 3200W.

Intelligent charging with programmable 3-stage charging curve is also available when using RPB-1600 or RCB-1600.

Products in the MEAN WELL stationary battery chager range PB-300 / PB-360P / PB-600 / PB-1000 / HEP-600C / HEP-1000C / RPB-1600 / RCB-1600 / DBU-3200 / DBR-3200 / DHB-1UT

Also available is SBP-001 MEAN WELLs smart battery charging programmer, with simple connection and configuration to connect between your intelligent charger and USB powered device.