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MEAN WELL’s series of variable drives have been designed for motor frequency conversion drives and three-phase inverter applications. Equipped with universal standard connectors they can easily be matched with the most appropriate power source, based on load requirements, reducing development times and costs.

With input specification options of AC full voltage input and 48VDC input and 200% peak current capacity to control ramp-up of a motor during start up the products can be widely used for low-voltage variable frequency motor loads, such as wind/hydro power applications and industrial automation.

DC input PCB type models offer a 48VDC low voltage input, ideal for use in unmanned transport vehicles or other low-voltage DC systems.

Full range AC input models are available in PCB and Enclosed models and can be used in areas such as wind or hydro power.

All variable drives also integrate diagnostic capabilities so that performance can be controlled and are certified to IEC-61800-5 safety standards.

Currently our VFD series variable drives are under development, samples will be available for ordering in May/June 2023.

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