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Our Din Rail Power Supplies are a fanless design for installation on TS35/7.5 or TS35/15 industrial rails available as a slim line 20 Watt unit through to our three phase 960 Watt unit.

Models Include MDR-20 / MDR-40 / MDR-60 / MDR-100 / DR-30 / DR-45 / DR-60 / DR-75 / DR-100 / DR-120 / DRP-240 / DRP-480 / DRP-480S / DRH-120 / DRT-240 / DRT-480 / DRT-960 / DR-RDN20 / DR-UPS40

Known uses include general Industrial applications including factory automation, electro-mechanical industry, Data communications, IT, power distribution boxes, control panels, building automation and household appliance control.

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