MEAN WELL is pleased to unveil the next green adaptor, which complies with the up-to-date energy efficiency regulations (EISA 2007/DoE Level VI), GST120A series. GST120A offers a high output wattage, is equipped with a no load power consumption (less than 0.15W) and an average operating efficiency that is superior to already released GS120 (120W, level V); GST120A is thus better able to fulfill energy saving and carbon reduction, either at no load mode or operating mode. GST120A is highly suitable to be used with various types of consumer electronic devices, telecommunication devices, office facilities, industrial equipments and all kinds of equipments or systems requiring the compliance to the up-to-date energy regulations.

Features of GS120A Series

  • 85~264VAC input, built-in active PFC function
  • Ultra low no load power consumption
  • Compliance with up-to-date global energy efficiency regulations — EISA 2007/DoE(Level VI), NRCan, AU/NZ MEPS, EU ErP and CoC Version 5
  • IEC320-C13 AC inlet (Class I , with FG)
  • 94V-0 flame retardant plastic case
  • Working temperature: -30~+70℃
  • Complete protection functions: Short circuit/Overload/Over voltage/Over temperature
  • Equipped with LED indicator
  • Dimension:167L x 67W x 35H mm
  • 3 years warranty