In response to the growing demands of 480VAC electric power system applications MEAN WELL have upgraded the input voltage range of HVG(C)-100, by changing its original “180~480VAC” to the new version of “180~528VAC”. This design revision only raises the input voltage, and all electrical specifications are exactly the same as with the old one, so that it won’t have any replacement issue for lighting fixtures which use old version of HVG(C)-100.

In order to keep the market competitiveness, the cost increased due to this upgrade will be 100% absorbed by MEAN WELL. For more details, please refer to the table below.

Series Revision production
batch after
Revision Details
13.03.2013 Before: 180-480VAC input
After: 180-528VAC input
Product name will remain the original HVG/HVGC-100