30W AC/DC Single Output Class 2 LED Lighting Power Supply

PLC-30 Series are 30W LED Lighting Power Supplies based on earlier PLN models but with a redesign...

In Development

600W Single Output Battery Charger

HEP-600C series is an AC-to-DC battery charger providing power up to 600Watts, designed with...

Meanwell Products

As a Mean Well Enterprises authorised distributor MeanWell Direct are a cost effective and direct way of obtaining their dependable and high quality meanwell enclosed switching power supplies, led power supplies, din rail power supplies, open frame switching power supplies, external switching power supplies, battery chargers, dc dc converters and inverters.

Holding stock of the most popular ranges of MeanWell power supplies we ensure you receive genuine Mean Well products in the best deliverable time possible. Please contact a member of our sales team on +44 (0)845 533 3858 for up to date stock levels.

The 19 inch rack power units from Meanwell Direct are available in a 1U low profile with 1000~6000W and optional power control and monitoring units. With hot swap operation and custom rack configurations available the 19 inch rack power series offer numerous output ranges and several units can be operated in parallel.
External chargers in desktop, bench and mountable styles for charging sealed lead acid batteries.

Models Include PA-120 / PB-120 / ESC-120 / ESC-240 / PB-300 / PB-360 / S600 / S1500

Products within this section are suitable for a range of applications including electric wheelchairs, trailers, car batteries, truck batteries, battery back up systems, powering motors, home appliances and general consumer electronic products.
Our security series power supplies are available as 55W to 155W power, with UPS function suitable for the security industry or battery back up systems

Models include ADS-55 / AD-55 / ADD-55 / ADS-155 / AD-155 / ADD-155 / PSC-60 / PSC-100
DALI Dimming Driver range from Mean Well. The DALI Dimmer Driver range includes models LCM-25DA, LCM-40DA and LCM-60DA
A range of DC-DC converters starting at 10 Watts through to 350 Watts in single and dual output. The DC-DC converter range is available as Encapsulated Modules, On Board type, General PCB and Enclosed.

The DC-DC converter range from Meanwell is suitable for use in general electrical engineering, automotive, security, Battery back-up systems and transportation applications.

Our desktop adaptors are external switching power supplies offering 15W to 220W of power in single and triple output versions. With safety certifications for many countries & medically approved models our desktop adaptor range is very comprehensive.

Desktop adaptor models include GS15A / GS15B / GS18A / GS18B / GS25A / GS25B / P25A / P25B / GS40 / P50A / GS60 / GS90 / GS120 / AS-120P / GS160 / GS220

Medical desktop adaptors include MES30A / MES30B / MES30C / MES50A

Our Din Rail Products are a fanless design for installation on TS35/7.5 or TS35/15 industrial rails available as a slim line 20 Watt unit through to our three phase 960 Watt unit.

Models Include MDR-20 / MDR-40 / MDR-60 / MDR-100 / DR-30 / DR-45 / DR-60 / DR-75 / DR-100 / DR-120 / DRP-240 / DRP-480 / DRP-480S / DRH-120 / DRT-240 / DRT-480 / DRT-960 / DR-RDN20 / DR-UPS40
Enclosed switching power supply ranges from 5 Watts to 3000 Watts, our enclosed switching power supplies offer a versatile power source to your application and selected ranges have parallel function taking the available power from an enclosed switching power supply up to 9000W.
Mean Well offer 100W 1U, 19" rack mount hot swappable units that are also parallelable to generate up to 300W of power.

RCP-1000 Series / RCP-3K1U Series are suitable for servers, telecoms and datacomms applications.

LED power supply range from 18W to 240W, for both indoor and outdoor use, with or without PFC complying with UL1310, EN61347.

Models Include LPL-18 / LPH-18 / LPHC-18 / LPLC-18 / LPC-20 / LPV-20 / LPC-35 / LPV-35 / LPC-60 / LPV-60 / ELN-30 / ELN-60 / PLN-20 / PLN-30 / PLN-45 / PLN-60 / PLN-100 / PLC-30 / PLC-45 / PLC-60 / PLC-100 / CEN-60 / CEN-75 / CEN-100 / CLG-60 / CLG-100 / CLG-150 / HLG-100 / HLG-120 / HLG-150 / HLG-185 / HLG-240 / ULP-150 / PLP-20 / PLP-30 / PLP-45 / PLP-60

Most applications require an AC Mains Cable to feed them power, our multiple configurations of AC mains cables provide you with a suitable solution for UK, European and US connections. The mains cables come with a choice of C5, C7 or C13 IEC socket providing you with a comprehensive range of Power Cords.

YP12+YC12, YP12+YC12L, YP12+YC14, YP22+YC12, YP22+YC12L, YP22+YC14, YP35+YC12 and YP60+YC12
Our medical power supply ranges are available as General PCB, desktop and on board types starting at 5 Watts through to 200 Watts. Meanwell Directs medical power supply range is designed with compliance to medical safety standards and includes PCB type with non-PFC for smaller wattage models and with low leakage current allowing units to be suitable for non-patient contact medical equipment.
The Mean Well Direct Modular power supply Series are a revolutionary standard power supply solution that fulfils your custom-made requirements! Standard functions of the modular power supply range include remote sense, remote control and parallel function (MS-300 modules).
A selection of din rail, mounting & cable accessories including brackets and plates; intended for use with our range of enclosed products to mount them into your enclosure. Parallel Connection and Series Connection accessories for our modular power series are also included with our mounting & cable accessories and mounting brackets.
Open frame switching power supplies starting as low as 5 Watts through to 250 Watts and available in Single output and multi output configurations. Standard features include PFC, low leakage current, full safety certification (including medical on select models) and free air convection cooling styles include on board, general PCB and Medical PCB.
Suitable for use in telecommunications, networking, test and measurement, IT applications, general electronics, low profile systems, automation, POS..
On-board power supplies designed to fit onto your systems PCB board to save space and allow for low profile applications. On-board power supply ranges with standard features that include no load power consumption, full protections, class II isolation and free air convection cooling. On-board power supplies are also known as on an board-power supply, available as encapsulated and open frame types.

Our wall mount adaptors are external switching power supplies offering 6W to 25W of power with fixed UK, European or US AC plugs or interchangeable plugs for easy application in worldwide use.

Wall mount adaptor models Include GS06U / GS06E / GE12 / GS12U / GS12E / GS15U / GS15E / GE18 / GS18U / GS18E / GE24 / GS25U / GS25E

Modified sine wave DC/AC Inverters A301-100 / A301-150 / A301-300 / A301-600 / A301-1K0 / A301-1K7
A301-2K5 / A302-100 / A302-150 / A302-300 / A302-600 / A302-1K0
A302-1K7 / A302-2K5

True sine wave DC/AC Inverters TS-200 / TS-400 / TS-700 / TS-1000 / TS-1500 / TS-3000 /
TN-1500 / TN-3000

DC/DC Voltage Converters CH-515

Used to power home appliances, power tools and office and portable equipment. Also suitable for use in a wide range of vehicle and marine applications.
Meanwell Directs switching power supply range is available as enclosed, open frame, din rail, medical, ATX, DC-DC converters and PCB power supplies. Offering power supplies ranging from 0.5 to 18000 Watts in various voltages, the switching power supply range is diverse to cater for the requirements of numerous applications.
The Video game power supply range from Meanwell is suitable for an enormous variety of applications. Available as enclosed, open frame, adapter and ATX units. Offering 15~3000W in a selection of outputs.
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With our highly experienced professionals, Meanwell Direct offer a first class friendly service from point of contact through to completion of purchase and after sales service.

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