CE Marking of LED Drivers, as an essential component either internally or externally, can determine whether your LED Light Fitting will have the ability to meet the requirements of CE Marking. Meeting the criteria of the marking involves several requirements including safety, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), RoHS and Ecodesign. The latter requirement has recently become a mandatory requirement of CE marking; products falling within the scope of Ecodesign and bearing the CE mark should make reference, within the CE Declaration, to the Energy Related Products Directive 2009/125/EC.

As a vital component the LED driver has great influence on the overall performance of a LED light fitting and the process of acquiring approval for your complete LED fitting, therefore the CE Marking of LED drivers should have a bearing on the ultimate selection of a driver for your fitting.  There are several elements that are essential factors to acquiring CE markings on LED light fittings for the European market; here we discuss the factors, based on CE Marking of LED drivers/control gear.

LVD Safety Requirements

Current LVD Directives are based on 2006/95/EC, the LED driver should fulfil the general requirements of EN61347-1 and LED control gear safety requirements of EN61347-2-13.

EMC Requirements

Current EMC legislation is based on directive 2004/108/EC; this includes a list of harmonic standards. Care should be taken to ensure you choose an LED Driver with the right standards to match those required of LED light fittings.

EcoDesign Requirements

Often referred to as EcoDesign, as the requirement makes reference to environmental considerations related to energy saving, such as start up time, standby power and power factor. The 2009/125/EC directive is actually named energy related products directive.

RoHS Requirements

The directive 2011/65/EU controls the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment.

The elements above are the most essential standards and directives that would be needed to ensure CE marking of LED drivers. The table below gives a quick reference to assist in the selection suitable CE Marked LED drivers.