MEAN WELL have added two more new 125W isolated dual output models to their high reliability miniature G3 series product family.

RID-125-1205 & RID-125-2405 are AC/DC switching power supplies that can provide 125W by only free air convection. Consisting with the features of other G3 series products, all the electrolytic capacitors in these two new models are rated at 105°C. RID-125-1205 & 2405 can also withstand 300VAC input surge for 5 seconds and 5G vibration making them suitable for operation in harsh environments.

Possessing 12V or 24V main output channel (CH1) with up to 180% of high peak load capability and 5V/3A (CH2) for logic control usage, they are ideal for motor-based machinery or equipment that can be widely used in automation, test equipment, POS system, franking machine, banking machine, printer or plotter etc.. The isolated design between CH1 and CH2 can significantly prevent noise sourcing of the motor action from entering control circuits and hence secure the accurate operation of the end equipment. Other standard functions include short circuit, overload, and over voltage protections.

RID-125 Series Specification