MEAN WELL introduce another new product for the LED lighting purposes – ELN-60 series – 60W AC/DC enclosed type switching power supply. Targeting at economical lighting applications, ELN-60 has non-PFC design to keep the cost low but still complies with the requirements of UL 1310 class 2 so the output power of these limited power sources will be less than 100VA or 5A under any situation and hence can significantly reduce the hazardous condition exposed to the technicians who execute the construction or maintenance of the LED lighting system. The IP64 design of fully enclosed plastic case ensures the electronic components are protected from dust and moisture so that they can be used at harsh locations.

The efficiency of ELN-60 is as high as 88% and hence it can operate between -20°C ~ +60°C using only free air convection. Standard functions include adjustable output voltage/current level (through internal VRs), short circuit, over load, over voltage, and over temperature protections. A dimming control by 1~10VDC or PWM signal is also available as the optional function for users who want to adjust the level of output current (brightness of LEDs) by external control signals.

Typical applications for these new Class 2 power units include moving signs and backlighting, LED-based decorative/architectural lighting, LED stage and theatre lighting, and LED electronic displays.

For more details on this product please refer to the product datasheet: ELN-60 Series