MEAN WELL New Product Announcement – PCD 16/25 Series ~ 16/25W Dimmable LED Power Supply


To promote energy-saving life, governments across the globe devote to seek for alternatives of higher efficient illumination, in order to replace the traditional incandescent bulbs and save the enormous electricity consumed by lighting applications. Recently, with the reduction of LED cost and the fast progress of lumens per watt as well as lighting efficiency, using LED lighting fixtures to replace the traditional incandescent lamps has become the visible trend. Power supplies play an important role in the LED lighting system, hence, MEAN WELL firstly announced two new 16W and 25W AC phase-cut dimming LED power supplies (PCD-16/25), to work with TRIAC dimmers at AC input side and to fulfill the dimming requirement in the indoor LED lighting market. PCD-16/25 series are compatible with both leading edge and trailing edge TRIAC dimmers, which are superior to others in the market that are only good for leading edge or trailing edge.

To conform with different utility inputs all over the world, PCD-16/25 offers two options for users: 115VAC (90~135VAC) /A type and 230VAC (180~295VAC) /B type. In addition, these two series are designed with single stage PFC topology, so that they can meet the requirements of high power factor (PF0.9) and EN61000-3-2 Class C (harmonic current) for the lighting industry. Efficiency of PCD-16/25 series are as high as 82% and hence can operate between -30 ~ +60°C by only free air convection which fit to the enclosed installation for indoor embedded lighting systems. Other standard functions include protections for short circuit, overload, and over temperature. For flexible installation, PCD-16/25 equip with input/ output wires 7.5cm/18AWG and 15cm/18AWG respectively. These new models comply with lighting certificates per CE (EN55015 and EN61547) / FCC Part 18, and also design refer to UL8750 and EN61347-2-13, which are very suitable for working with traditional TRIAC dimmer in LED indoor lighting application. Meanwhile, MEAN WELL had tested many well-known brands of TRAIC dimmers with PCD-16/25 and got good compatibility results in lowest dimming degree and operating stability. Please refer to the specification sheets for more detail information about the TRAIC dimmers that has been tested.



PCD-16A Series Specification

PCD-16B Series Specification

PCD-25 Series Specification