The majority of DC/DC converters used in the industrial field are input/output isolated and MEAN WELL already have an establised range in this criteria of enclosed type (15~1000W), PCB type (5~15W), module type (0.5~30W) and onboard type (5~15W). To fulfil the demand for low cost and reduced size in the market MEAN WELL have launched new single output input/output non-isolated DC-DC Converters NID30 (30W) and NID60 (60W) series.

These regulated converters have standard SIP (Single-In-Line Package) pin configuration and are vertically mounted on the system PCB, which can be complemented by our existing NSD series dc-dc converters, with horizontally mounted characteristics.

Using bulk topology with syncronized rectifying technology, NID30/60 posses up to 97% of high efficiency and 69.6W/in3 of extreme high power density, and can be cooled using only free air convection from -25°C to +65°C. The miniture design makes them suitable for size constraint applications where the layout space is restricted. The Input DC voltage range is 20(30)~53V which covers the popular DC BUS voltage of 24V and 48V, and the output voltages are 5V, 12V, 15V & 24V which is different from the low output voltage (<5VDC) often seen in the traditional POL (point of load) DC/DC converters.

Other features include standard SIP pin configuration, low ripple noise, miniture size, built-in remote on/off control, and protections for short circuit, over load and over voltage. Suitable applications for these dc/dc converters include distributed power architecture, communications and industrial controls.

For more information on the NID30 & NID60 Series or other products within the DC/DC Converter range please speak with a member of our sales team on +44 (0)118 970 3858, review the full specifications below or visit our DC-DC Converter section.

NID30 Series Specification
NID60 Series Specification