TS-1000 Series is a new range of high performance DC/AC power inverters that use high frequency circuit topology. These true sine wave inverters are light weight and posses up to 92% high frequency. Capable of providing 1000W continuously for all kinds of harsh load with low THD<3% TS-1000 has peak load capability including 1150W for 3 minutes, 1500W for 10 seconds or 2000W surge power for 30 utility cycles.

TS-1000 is controlled by microprocessor and the output AC voltage and frequency can be adjusted easily via the front panel making it suitable for various applications; the standby saving mode function can also be set by end users, through the same function, to save energy stored in the battery banks. Protections for this unit include internal fuse, BAT low alarm, BAT low shutdown, BAT polarity & BAT over voltage on the input site and short circuit, inverter over load and over temperature protections on the output side.

The design of TS-1000 ensures that it complies with global safety and EMC requirements and is suitable for powering all kinds of equipment from home appliances through to yachts and mobile homes or places where mains utilities can not be reached or are unreliable.

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