Our new front-end rack power system – RCP Series which targets the growing 1U low profile 19″ rack application market. This industrial standard 19″ rack system consisted of one to three hot-swappable RCP-1000 units that, up to 3000W, can be provided in a single rack.

Featuring active power factor correction (PFC) and 10.67W/ in3 extremely high power density, RCP-1000 series can provide rated output wattage even at 100VAC input because of its high efficiency design. There are three types of output voltage level that can be selected to give you 12V@180A, 24V@120A or 48V@63A of front-end power configuration.

RCP-1000 also has built-in trimming function so that the output voltage can be adjusted between 90% and 110% rated value by simply adding external resistors. This can provide users great flexibility in the design of their end system!

Besides the standard functions of remote sense, remote ON/OFF control, 5V/0.3A auxiliary output, AC OK and DC OK signals, RCP-1000 series also possess the built-in OR-ing diode and Postronic connectors so that high reliable hot-swap and redundant operation can be ensured to provide users a worry free power source. The optional I2C interface can also offer users all kinds of important information on the PSU if the on-line monitoring is required. AC input fail, output power good/fail, temperature warning, over temperature protection, fan fail warning signals along with the value of output voltage, output current, and internal temperature of the PSU can be monitored easily through the I2C data bus.

Applications include general front-end power system, sever, instrumentation, telecom, and datacom, … where space is limited and 1U height is required.

For more information please contact a member of our sales team or read more on the power supply by selecting one of the links below.

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