MEAN WELL have added a new 30W unit, PSD-30 series, to its DC/DC line and enlarged the product offering of the low wattage DC/DC open frame switching power supply segment. Accompany with the existing PSD-05(5W), PSD-15(15W) and PSD-45 (45W) series, the PSD family now can fulfil most of the low power applications for various end systems. Because of the non-case design, PSD-30 can maintain a lower cost and hence is suitable for economical installation inside the system enclosure. The 4”x2”(101.6mmx50.8mm) miniature design helps resolve space problems and induces efficient space usage to reduce the overall volume of the end system.

PSD-30 possesses up to 83% of operation efficiency and can be used under -20 ~ +60oC of ambient temperature using only free air convection. Featuring 2:1 wide DC input range, PSD-30 securely transfer a wide range of DC input voltage ratings into a stable DC output.  Other standard features include 1500VAC input/output isolation, built-in potential-meter for ±10% of output voltage adjustment, CE certification and protections for short circuit, overload, over-voltage, and reverse polarity. Suitable applications for these small gadgets are industrial control, telecommunications, voltage-regulating, and vehicle/ship/back-up system that use batteries as the power source.

•    1500VAC I/O isolation, output regulated design
•    2:1 wide input range
•    Output voltage adjustable by ±10%
•    Cooling by free air convection
•    Protections: Short circuit / Overload / Over voltage / Reverse polarity
•    CE approved
•    Low cost, high reliability
•    100% full load burn-in test
•    Dimension(WxHxD): 101.6x 50.8x 30mm

PSD-30A Series Specification
PSD-30B Series Specification
PSD-30C Series Specification