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TS-400 Series - 400W True Sine Wave DC/AC Power Inverter



TS-400 Series are high-performance DC/AC power inverters released to cover lower wattage applications. Using high-frequency circuit topology this true sine wave inverter has efficiency up to 88.5%. Capable of providing 400W continuously as well as a peak load of 460W for 180 seconds, 600W for 10 seconds or 800W surge power for 30 utility cycles. The output AC voltage and frequency of TS-400 can be easily adjusted via the front panel. TS-400 is suitable for powering all kinds of home appliances, power tools, and office & portable equipment in vehicles, yachts, mobile homes or places that the utility can’t be reached or the power quality is poor.

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CE, E13






DC to AC Mains Power

  • True sine wave output (THD<3%)
  • High surge power up to 800W
  • High efficiency up to 88.5%
  • Thermostatically controlled cooling fan
  • Built-in remote ON-OFF control
  • Power ON-OFF switch
  • LED panel indicating operational status
  • Bat. low alarm/Bat. low shutdown/Over voltage/Over temp./Output short/Input polarity reverse/Over load protections
  • <STRONG>Type D AC Output Receptacles stocked as standard</STRONG>
  • home appliances
  • power tools
  • office equipment
  • portable equipment
  • vehicle
  • yacht
  • motor home
Rated Power 400W
Maximum Output Power 460W for 180 sec. / 600W for 10 sec./ surge power 800W for 30 cycles
Output AC Voltage Factory setting set at 110VAC – 100 / 110 / 115 / 120VAC selectable by setting button S.W
Factory setting set at 230VAC – 200 / 220 / 230 / 240VAC selectable by setting button S.W
Frequency 110VAC models 60±0.1Hz 50/60Hz selectable by setting button
230VAC models 50±0.1Hz 50/60Hz selectable by setting button
Waveform True sine wave (THD<3%) at rated input voltage
AC Reguation ±3.0%
Front Panel Indicator Operation status ; Green : normal, Orange(flashing) : remote control OFF, Red : abnormal
Over Temperature Protection Shut down o/p voltage, re-power on to recover; by internal RTH1 detect power MOSFET
Output Short Protection Shut down o/p voltage, re-power on to recover
Over Load Protection 105 ~ 115% load for 180 sec., 115% ~ 150% load for 10 sec.
Shut down o/p voltage, re-power on to recover
GFCI Protection Optional on 110VAC models (Only type F)
Off Mode Current Draw <1mA
Battery Types Open & sealed LeadAcid
Input Battery Polarity Protection By internal fuse open
Working Temperature -10°C ~ +40°C @ 100% load ; +60°C @ 50% load
Working Humidity 20% ~ 90% RH non-condensing
Storage Temperature, Humidity -30°C ~ +70°C / -22°F ~ +158°F, 10 ~ 95% RH
Vibration 10 ~ 500Hz, 3G 10min./1cycle, 60min. each along X, Y, Z axes
Safety Standards 110VAC models design refer toUL458
LVD 230VAC models meets EN60950-1
Withstand Voltage Bat I/P-AC O/P:3.0KVAC AC O/P- FG:1.5KVAC
Isolation Resistance Bat I/P-AC O/P, AC O/P-FG:100M Ohms / 500VDC / 25°C/ 70% RH
EMC 110VAC models compliance to FCC class A
230VAC models compliance to EN55022 class A, 72/ 245/ CEE, 95/ 54/ CE, E-Mark;
EN61000-4-2,3,8 ENV50204
Dimensions 205 x 158 x 67mm
  • CE
  • E13