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KAA-8R - KAA – 8R KNX Universal Actuator



The KAA-8R is a 16A Universal Actuator is suitable for different load situations and possible for many application areas with up to 8 independent channels. It receives KNX telegrams and can be used as a switch actuator or shutter actuator (planned). Mixed applications from switch and shutter actuator are always possible. Each output uses a bistable (latching) relay and can be operated manually via a push button. One green LED per channel for indicating the switching status. The compact design with 4 units (72 mm) wide modular makes it suitable for quick and simple installation in the standard distribution board. Other functions including heating control and logic functions are integrated to provide the KNX system integrators with high design freedom. As a result, KAA-8R is featuring both reliability and multi-functionality to meet various needs in a modern building.

KNX switching actuators play an essential role in building automation and they are responsible for the reliable switching of different electrical loads in the KNX system.

Additional information


21 ~ 30 VDC

Current (amps)


• 8 channel actuator in a compact size
• Suitable for various and mixed applications
• For AX, C-load, capacitive and inductive of loads
• Program via ETS5.0 software
• Manual control via Push button
• Programmable various time and scene function
• 3 years warranty

  • Building automation
  • Lighting switch
  • Shutter/Blind control (planned)
  • Heating control
  • Ventilation function