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KAA-8R Series - KAA-8R Series KAA – 8R Series KNX Universal Actuator

The KAA-8R Series is a Universal Actuator is suitable for different load situations and possible for many application areas with up to 8 independent channels.

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The KNX KAA-8R actuator is an 8-channel device, with high quality independent latching relay for switch, shutter and other mixed applications.

The compact design, with a 4 unit wide modular, makes it suitable for installation on 35mm mounting rails in the EIB/KNX application.

The connection to the KNX bus is implemented via a bus connection terminal. The switching relays are particularly suitable for switching ohmic loads and capacitive loads e.g. LED drivers and inductive loads, as well as motors in shutter or blinds applications.

Additionally, the KNX KAA-8R actuator is powered via the EIB/KNX and does not require an additional power supply.


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