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KSC-01L - KSC-01L KNX LINE Coupler KSC Series

KSC-01L is a KNX Line Coupler providing a two directional data connection between two KNX TP lines/areas. Offering a telegram filtering and diagnostic functions, the device is ideal for various applications from building automation to luxury villa lighting.



The KNX TP Media Coupler KSC works as a KNX line/area coupler to provide a bi-directional data connection between two KNX TP lines/areas. 

The KNX TP main line and sub line are coupled, with a galvanic isolation between them. 

Using the TP Coupler application, KSC can be used as a KNX TP line coupler to connect several KNX TP installation systems via a TP Backbone. 

Telegram filtering is accomplished according to the installation place in the hierarchy, and according to the built in filter tables for group communication. 

For detailed diagnosis, all operational modes and states are shown by a duo LED display. 

Using the TP repeater application, KSC is able to extend a KNX TP line, providing unfiltered data transfer and galvanic isolation between segments. 

Up to four-line segments can form a single KNX TP line by connecting three KSC line repeaters. Each line segment requires its own KNX bus power supply unit to ease commissioning and troubleshooting. 

Additional information

Weight 0.07 kg



AC/DC,Din-Rail,Line Coupler

  • KNX TP LINE coupler/repeater 
  • Telegram filtering function 
  • Long messages support up to 240 byte APDU
  • Trace the sub-line traffic
  • Diagnostic functions 
  • Manual function 
  • 3 years warranty 
  • Office lighting 
  • Smart home lighting 
  • Luxury villa lighting 
  • LED indoor lighting 
  • Building automation