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DAP-04 - DALI-PWM Signal Converter



DAP-04 is a DALI signal to PWM signal converter which is suitable to use along with MEAN WELL AC/DC LED power supplies which have 3 in 1 dimming function (1-10V, PWM or Resistive). DAP-04 is equipped with both DALI dimming and push-dim functions; when connected to a external DALI controller it can convert the DALI signal transmitted from the controller to PWM signal, and then the PWM signal controls the lighting fixtures through the 3-in1 dimming interface. Similarly, by adding the external push dimmer, the output PWM signal also can adjust the LED output current according to the different press time of the dimmer.

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CE, DALI, Double Insulation, Independent from Luminaire, SELV, Short Circuit Proof, Suitable for mounting on flammable surface, Suitable for mounting on wood, TUV Certified

  • 90-305VAC input range
  • Convert DALI signal to PWM signal
  • Built-in push-dim function
  • 4 DALI addressable output channels
  • Linear or logarithm dimming curve selectable (meet IEC62386-207)
  • PWM active high or active low selectable
  • Dimming range: 1~100%
  • Class II power unit, no FG
  • Power consumption<0.5W
  • Built-in relay contact for ON/ OFF control of LED PSU
  • IP20 level
  • Cooled by free air convection
  • Working temperature: -30~+60℃
  • Fully isolated plastic case
  • Meets DALI standards (IEC62386-101,102,207)
  • Certificates: EN61347-1, EN61347-2-11, EN61058-1
  • Indoor lighting
  • Office lighting
  • Decorative lighting
  • Input signal: DALI or push dim
  • Output signal: open collector PWM signal
  • CE
  • DALI
  • Double Insulation
  • Independent from Luminaire
  • SELV
  • Short Circuit Proof
  • Suitable for mounting on flammable surface
  • Suitable for mounting on wood
  • TUV Certified