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XBG-100 - XBG-100 100W Constant Power Mode LED Driver

The XBG-100 Series is a 100W AC/DC LED driver featuring the constant power mode. Operating from 90~305VAC, with 92% efficiency and IP67 ingress protection level, the XBG-100 is ideal for internal and external applications.

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XBG-100 Series is a 100W AC/DC LED driver featuring the constant power mode. XBG-100 operates from 90~305VAC and offers different rated current ranging between 1750mA and 2780mA.Thanks to the high efficiency of up to 92% with the fan-less design, the entire series is able to operate for -40°C~+85°C case temperature under free air convection.The metal housing design and IP67 ingress protection level allows this series to fit both indoor and outdoor applications. Moreover, the innovative environment-adaptive capability allows this series to reliably light LEDs for all kinds of application environments.XBG-100 Series complies with the latest version of IEC61347/GB7000.1-2015 and UL8750 international safety regulations.The output and dimming circuit are also in accordance with the new regulations regarding isolation to ensure the safety of both users and luminaire system during installation. For more information and to discuss your requirements please contact a member of our team.

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3 in 1 Dimming


90 ~ 305VAC

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