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HLG-240H-B Series - 240W Single Output IP67 Rated High Reliability LED Power Supply


CBCECSUUSIP67 RatedPFCSELVShort Circuit ProofSuitable for mounting on flammable surfaceTUV PSETUV
HLG-240H-B Series - 240W Single Output IP67 Rated High Reliability LED Power Supply


HLG-240H-B Series are a range of IP67 Rated 240W wide universal AC input high reliability LED power supplies, with dimming function designed to comply with global certificates per UL1012, EN61347-1, EN61347-2-13 of lighting regulations as well as UL60950, EN60950-1 of IT regulations, which can greatly guarantee your safety. Features include built in active PFC, wide operating temperatures, full protections and 4KV surge immunity (EN61000-4-5) ability which complies with the requirements of street lighting.


  • LED street lighting
  • Moving signs
  • Architectural lighting
  • LED decorative lighting
  • outdoor LED lighting
  • indoor LED lighing


  • Wide universal AC input, up to 305VAC
  • Short circuit, over load, over voltage, over temperature protections
  • Built-in active PFC function
  • Cooling by free air convection
  • OCP point adjustable through output cable
  • IP67 design for indoor or outdoor installations
  • Compliance to worldwide safety regulations for lighting

HLG-240H-B Series Specifications

Part Number Voltage (max/rated)Current (amps)Power (watts)R&N (mV)Efficiency (%) Action
HLG-240H-12B 12V 16A 192W 150mV 90% Request Quote
HLG-240H-15B 15V 15A 225W 150mV 90% Request Quote
HLG-240H-20B 20V 12A 240W 150mV 92% Request Quote
HLG-240H-24B 24V 10A 240W 150mV 93% Request Quote
HLG-240H-30B 30V 8A 240W 200mV 93% Request Quote
HLG-240H-36B 36V 7A 241.2W 250mV 93% Request Quote
HLG-240H-42B 42V 6A 240.2W 250mV 93% Request Quote
HLG-240H-48B 48V 5A 240W 250mV 94% Request Quote
HLG-240H-54B 54V 4.45A 240.3W 350mV 94% Request Quote
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